Celebration party for Inchan Hwang's graduation, Ulsan 2019 December

Group photo of the lab members, Ulsan 2019 November

IUMRS-ICA, Perth Australia 2019 Sep

Group photo of the lab members, Ulsan 2019 July

Celebration party for Ji Hoon Seo's graduation, Ulsan 2019 Jun

Teacher's Day, Ulsan 2019 May

New year's Party 2019

Birobong, Yeongju 2018 Sep

Birthday party, 2018 Aug

KCS 121st General Meeting, jeju 2018 April

New year's Party 2018

PVSEC_27, Japan 2017 Nov

Ganwoljae, Ulsan 2017 Oct

New year's Party 2017

Ganwoljae, Ulsan 2016 Oct

Kyoto & Osaka, Japan 2016 July

Teacher's Day, UNIST 2016 May

Sports day, UNIST 2016 spring

Gatbawi, Gyeongsan 2016 Mar

Eden Vally, Yangsan 2016 Feb

End-of-Year Party 2015

Ganwoljae, Ulsan 2015 Nov

In Campus, UNIST 2015 Fall

WAL READ Memorial Prize Winner : Ji Hoon

End-of-Year Party 2014

In Campus, UNIST 2014 Fall

In Campus, UNIST 2014 June

Teacher's Day, UNIST 2014 May

Phoenixpark, Pyeochang 2014 Feb

End-of-Year Party 2013