73. Dopan-free Radial Junction Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

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Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 2.59.00 PM.png



72. Non-Surface-Textured Flexible Thin Crystalline Silicon Solar Sells

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71. Pt Complex-Based Photon Down-Shifting for Perovskite Solar Cells

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70. Voltage-Tunable Portable Power Source

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69. The Development of Transparent Photovoltaics

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68. Progress in Silicon Microwire Solar Cells

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67. Neutral-Colored Transparent Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

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66. Solar rechargeable seawater battery

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65. ITO-Free Carrier-Selective Contact Solar Cells



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64.Energy Downshifting for Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells

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63. Flow Battery & PV

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62. Transparent Heating Stickers

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61. Nanowire Waveguide Resonances

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60. Flexible Crystalline Si Solar Cells

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59. Stretchable Battery

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58.Flexible Transparent Electrode

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57. Uniform Si Epitaxy

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56. Textured PDMS Stickers for PVs

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55. Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Nanowire Solar Cells

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54. Porous Silicon Nanowire Anodes for LIBs

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53. Transparent Conducting Electrodes

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52. PV-Battery Hybrid Devices

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2017-01-21 18;48;08.PNG          스크린샷 2017-04-14 오전 11.09.50.png


51. Energy Transfer Using Ir Complexes

H. Kim, J. H. Seo, J. H. Ahn, M. -J. Paik, H. -D. Um, S. Lee, D.-H. Roh, J. -H. Yum, T. J. Shin, K. Seo* and T. -H. Kwon* " Customized Energy Down-Shift Using Iridium Complexes for Enhanced Performance of Polymer Solar Cells" ACS Energy Lett, 2016, 1, 991-999.




50. Nano/micro Radial Junction Solar Cells

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49. c-Si/a-Si Heterojunction Si Solar Cells

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48. Dopant-free Solar Cells

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47. Surface Plasmon Resonance

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46. Micro-grid Electrode for Si MW Solar Cells

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45. Flexible Inverted Organic Solar Cells

J. H. Seo, H.-D. Um, A. Shukla, I. Hwang, J. Park, Y.-C. Kang, C. S. Kim, M. Song*, and K. Seo* "Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Flexible Organic Solar Cells with PFN/AgNWs Cathode" Nano Energy. 2015, 16, 122-129.


사본 -TOC.jpg




44. Wet Etching for Silicon Microwire Solar Cells

H.-D. Um, N. Kim, K. Lee, I. Hwang, J. H. Seo, Y. J. Yu, P. Duane, M. Wober, and K. Seo* "Versatile control of metal-assisted chemical etching for vertical silicon microwire arrays and their photovoltaic applications" Sci. Rep. 2015, 5, 11277.



사본 -TOC.jpg


43. High-performance Nanoporous Lithium-ion Battery Anode

G. Hwang, H. Park, T. Bok, S. Choi, S. Lee, I. Hwang, N. -S. Choi, K. Seo, and S. Park* "A high-performance nanoporous Si/Al2O3 foam lithium-ion battery anode fabricated by selective chemical etching of the Al–Si alloy and subsequent thermal oxidation" Chem. Comm. 2015, 51, 4429.




42. Silicon Nanowires Image Sensor

H. Park, Y. Dan, K. Seo, Y. J. Yu, P. K. Duane, H. Park, M. Wober, and K. B. Crozier* Filter-Free Image Sensor Pixels Comprising Silicon Nanowires with Selective Color Absorption” Nano Lett. 2014, 14, 1804.




41.Nano-optics of Silicon Nanowires

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40. Silicon Microwire Solar Cells

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